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Sebastian Robledo is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Universidad Católica Luis Amigó, Colombia.

He received his PhD in engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia.

His research focuses on entrepreneurial marketing and networking as a driver of word of mouth. He is conducting a post-doctoral study in scientometrics at Centro de Bioinformática y Biología Computacional (BIOS).

He is the director of Core of Science, a spin-off development from his doctoral research.

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Martha Zuluaga has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences.

Her main research area is metabolomics, which she has applied in human exposure to pesticides, bioprospecting studies in the cosmetic and food industry, and Chemoinformatics. She is currently a professor of Chemistry and Chemometrics.

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Oscar Arbeláez is a Computational Physicist and Full Stack software developer.

In science his main area of interest is computational materials science and FAIR data, in Software Engineering he cares about continuous integration and delivery as well as other automated operations.

Within the Core of Science organization, Oscar tries to help productize the research tools produced by members of the team and the community in order to make them more accessible to the general public.

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